About the Project

There’s something empowering about working (and working well) with your hands.  Someone whines, “I need a haircut!  But all the salons are booked!”  And you reply, “Let me cut it for you.”

Or say you need to think of a birthday present for someone.  You think no further, and say to yourself, “I’ll just make them a blanket.”

I dream about the day when I don’t just say, but can actually do these things.

That’s why I’m starting this project.  All my life, I’ve always been the sister who’s “not-too-good-with-the-hands,” a running joke among my two sisters and me.  I’ll be trying to make a bracelet with them, and my older sister Mary will take over saying, “Not too good with the hands, eh?”

It’s endearing up to a point.  And after I cross that point, I just look completely helpless.  And no one wants to pity a pathetic twenty-five year old, do they?  It’s time I learn how to do some shit.

Here’s a sketch of what I have on the agenda:

–Change a tire

–Check my oil

–Braid hair

–Make a blanket

–Hem paints

–Palm read

–Talk to someone without a hand

–Sign language

–Make miniatures at The Mini-Time Machine of Miniatures Museum in Tucson

–Bake bread

–Crochet or knit

–Make a friendship bracelet

–Learn to wrap a present really well (that’s right, I still have trouble with that).

I’d like to tie in some research and some interviews with each one.  Say if I change a tire, look up some fun facts about GoodYear, interview some mechanics.  Or say I go to a Black Beauty Salon to learn how to make corn-rows, do a simultaneous profile on the hairdresser.

The thing is, when people ask if I know how to do something, I want to respond with a big, fat YES, instead of looking at them with a question mark shaped face.  I want to be a Renaissance woman.  Someone you can rely on to something, someone who will surprise you because they know how to do so freakin’ much!

Time to go there…

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by dictionaryproject on June 25, 2010 at 9:58 pm

    Hi Allie, You should add a subscription option so people like me can be notified of new posts 🙂


  2. And a challenge option so that we can challenge you to do new things! And on that note, I challenge you to pay 20$ for a cuppa joe! (Not really, but I thought of you when I saw this: http://yhoo.it/dBMfIQ)


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